April Markets at Haslemere and Milford

April 4, 2024

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 > April Markets at Haslemere and Milford

April Markets at Haslemere and Milford

Come on down to Haslemere and Milford markets in April, where you will find your favourite producers. This month, we also have two new producers to introduce you to: The Sausage Roll Kitchen and The Hairy Pig Company. Scroll down to find out more about both of these. We can’t wait to taste their produce. 

Haslemere Farmers’ Market

  • Date: Saturday, 6th April
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Location: High Street, Haslemere, GU27 2LA
  • Producers in Attendance: Click Here

Milford Farmers’ Market

  • Date: Sunday, 21st April
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
  • Location: Secretts Farm Shop, Milford
  • Producers in Attendance: Click Here

We look forward to seeing you at one or both of the markets.

Introducing The Sausage Roll Kitchen

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Debuting at Haslemere this month is The Sausage Roll Kitchen. Do come say hello to them, and in their own words…..

Hi, I’m Carol and I run The Sausage Roll Kitchen! I have done for about 6 years now. It’s an ever growing business and I love it! Currently everything is cooked in my 2 Aga’s, Thelma and Louise in my home in Arundel. So every day starts with cooking for all the cafes I supply in the local area and then getting the deliveries made whilst trying to deliver our children to school! I always manage at least one market a week sometimes 2 until summer and Christmas when it all gets crazy busy!

All my meat is free range which is so important to me, I use my local butchers in Yapton, Merry Meats who are just amazing, especially when I run out of something! All of my eggs come from a little free range farm in Bury so everything is as locally sourced as possible. I then cook in my two Aga’s at home, Thelma and Louise!!

Not sure I have sorted the best self employed work/life balance out but it’s a good life and who doesn’t love a sausage roll and a cheese straw!

Introducing The Hairy Pig Company

sausages 2

Debuting at Milford this month is The Hairy Pig Company, offering a selection of sausages, bacon and pork products from their pedigree herd of Managalitza and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. In their own words…..

Growing up our lives couldn’t be more different.  Luke grew up in bustling Brighton with an obsession for his toy farm set, and Krisz had the rural ideal of Southern Hungary, but eager for a different journey.  We are more smallholders by choice than born into agricultural lineage. A case of extreme hobbying!

The farm has been developing in its current guise since 2003, ticking along providing high quality livestock and enough free range food for ourselves.  Lockdown threw some significant challenges and provided the catalyst for change.  The hobby needed to evolve into a business.  Fast forward a few years and we are on our way.  A welfare friendly smallholding focusing on quality stock for sale, the production of free range meat and an educational resource supporting the learning and wellbeing of community members.

​We are not there yet, however with Luke’s skills in teaching and animal management and Krisz’s from hospitality and logistics we make a dynamic duo, ploughing towards our vision.  The farm is forever changing, bettering the welfare of our resident animals and our business ideals.  It’s never static and there are always new developments, with longterm plans afoot. 

Luke & Krisz

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