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Frensham Market Farm are a market garden farm using minimum tillage techniques to grow tasty, chemical free vegetables

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About Frensham Market Farm

We started Frensham Market Farm in September 2022 on a small 1/4 acre site in Rushmoor. We spent most of 2022 traveling in Europe, working and volunteering on small-scale, chemical-free farms in Spain, Croatia and Montenegro, and when the opportunity to start farming in the UK came up in September, we dropped everything and threw ourselves into it. 

In 2023 we expanded to a new site in Wishanger, near Churt, on which we’ve put up two polytunnels, built 100+ permenant raised beds and installed an irrigation system. We are still a small scale farm which means we are very intentional about the vegetables we grow, choosing only the most nutritious and tasty varieties. We love experimenting with weird and wonderful varieties but we also appreciate and enjoy growing classic vegetables. 

We are passionate about the land and care deeply about biodiversity and soil health. We are a no-dig farm and use only hand tools to cultivate our permanent raised beds. We choose to do this for the health of our soil and in turn the health of the vegetables we grow. By avoiding inverting or disturbing the soil in our beds as much as possible, we let nature’s biology flourish. This no-dig method is an environmentally conscious way of growing vegetables as carbon is kept in the soil rather than being released unnecessarily into the air.

We do not use any chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers, choosing to use natural alternatives, insect netting and organic fertilisers. Whilst farming without chemicals has its difficulties, we have no doubt that this approach to farming has the most positive impact on the environment, our customers and the local community. As we are a new farm and whilst we are still very small scale, we aren’t looking to gain Organic Certification any time soon as it isn’t feasible for a farm of our size. If you have any questions about our farming philosophies and practices, please ask as we love talking all things farming!

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