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Cereal products - Porridges, Mueslis, Flours, Bread & Cake Mixes, Grains & at Milford represent The Hungry Guest.

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About Imbhams Farm Granary

IMBHAMS FARM GRANARY is a diversification for Furnace Place Estate in Haslemere, Surrey. Established in 2006 by the Partners, Margaret Barlow & James Halfhide, they set out to produce cereal based products for the local Farmers’ Markets using Estate and locally grown grain – Wheat & Oats. They have now achieved 10 Great Taste Awards across a range of fresh flaked and milled whole grain cereal products – Porridges, Mueslis, Bread Flours and Bread Mixes.

IFG use a base of Oats, Spelt, Maize, Barley, Wheat & Rye for an extensive range of products.The Estate grown wheat crop – Zyatt – is ideal for wholemeal bread making providing a rich, strong, natural flavour and holds 2 Great Taste Awards. The 2023 Estate Harvest of Rye Grain – Tayo – contributes well to a mixed flour and bread mix.

IFG have presented talks, milling and flaking demonstrations and workshops at food and agricultural events, in schools and on the farm. For more information e-mail them at : [email protected]

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