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About Nonna’s Authentic Sicilian Products

  • Sicily is a very big part of my life as my Nonna still lives in Alcamo, Sicily.

I have many fond memories from Sicily and one of the most unforgettable parts is the taste and quality of their food.

This led me to planning out a new business idea where I would bring Sicilian Authentic products and tastes for others to enjoy just as much as i do.

I started with my own Nonna’s Authentic Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has been very popular since starting in June 2022, I have now sold over 700 litres of my Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is sourced from a family run farm who only sell to local restaurants in Alcamo so i am now proudly the only UK seller.

I knew this was where to begin and this was how my very first product started. then started with Pasta and Passata which was a huge success here in the UK. Now my business is very successful and we try and bring you new flavours for you to taste.

I am now the proud owner of Nonna’s which once started with ” Just Oil ” now I have a wide range of Sicilian Products.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased from us and who has made my new small business successful i wouldn’t be where i am without you all.

Grazia Jack

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