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The healthy way to end the day, sleep toniq combines slow-brewed chamomile tea, British apple cider vinegar, blossom honey, and a dash of Spanish orange. The chamomile helps you relax, the apple vinegar and honey support digestion, and the orange ties it all together. No sweeteners, preservatives, or flavourings - just 4 natural ingredients.

Drink in the evening as you wind down and get ready for bed.

I invented the drink when I was struggling with sleep after getting a new job. I was experimenting with many different ingredients and supplements at that time, but after reading about an ancient remedy for sleep loss that combined apple cider vinegar and honey, I decided to add both to my nightly chamomile tea. From the first night I tried it I knew I was onto something good. After drinking it religiously for 3 years I started wondering if other people could benefit from the drink - so I put it in a can, called it sleep toniq, and started selling it.

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