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Handmade, luxury, award winning Belgian chocolates. Delicious fillings in strikingly decorated bonbons.

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    About Sublime Chocolates

    Sublime Chocolates was founded in 2023 and calls on the expertise of  Royal Navy veteran chef Mark Raynor. Mark is a highly accomplished chef with over 30 years of experience, he  currently shares his passion for cooking by teaching new recruits in the military how to cook. We are incredibly lucky to have him on our team.

    Our chocolates are made with the finest Belgian couverture and have the freshest fillings, all of the bonbons are handmade. They are big on flavour as they are on beauty.

    From the gorgeous designs and shine on the outside, to the 'crack' of a well tempered chocolate outer shell, to the award winning luxury flavours, every chocolate is made with the utmost love, care and expertise.

    Offering a selection of stunning looking gift boxes and various seasonal creations there is a bonbon for every ones taste. 

    Bespoke orders are a speciality of Sublime Chocolates.

    Corporate and trade orders most welcome.

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