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The Sausage Roll Kitchen

Free range sausage rolls, of various flavours such as red onion & vegan, aswell as beef empanadas & cheese straws!

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You can normally find us at the following markets:

About The Sausage Roll Kitchen

Hi, I'm Carol and I run The Sausage Roll Kitchen! I have done for about 6 years now. It's an ever growing business and I love it! Currently everything is cooked in my 2 Aga's, Thelma and Louise in my home in Arundel. So every day starts with cooking for all the cafes I supply in the local area and then getting the deliveries made whilst trying to deliver our children to school! I always manage at least one market a week sometimes 2 until summer and Christmas when it all gets crazy busy!

All my meat is free range which is so important to me, I use my local butchers in Yapton, Merry Meats who are just amazing, especially when I run out of something! All of my eggs come from a little free range farm in Bury so everything is as locally sourced as possible. I then cook in my two Aga's at home, Thelma and Louise!!

Not sure I have sorted the best self employed work/life balance out but it's a good life and who doesn't love a sausage roll and a cheese straw!

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